Resorts are increasingly attractive to investors – the number of tourists has doubled in 3 years

The number of tourists in Lithuania has been growing for some time – last year accommodation establishments received 11%. more tourists. It is estimated that the number of holidaymakers is growing fastest in resorts – faster than in big cities. The number of tourists in resort towns has almost doubled over the past 3 years, up 45 percent, according to data from international real estate consultancy Newsec.
Meanwhile, in the first quarter of this year, the number of tourists in Lithuanian resorts grew by 13 percent, compared to 9 percent increase in tourists in Lithuanian cities. According to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, last year Lithuanian resorts attracted nearly a million tourists or a quarter of all holidaymakers in Lithuania, which is twice as many as three years ago.
The lowest seasonality is in Druskininkai
Of all resort cities in Lithuania, 2018 The seasonality of hotel occupancy in Druskininkai was one of the lowest – the city manages to attract guests all year round, and during the summer season hotel occupancy rate increased the most among all resort towns and exceeded 70%.

“It is in Druskininkai that the active development of accommodation services is observed – the number of accommodation establishments registered in this resort has increased by 73 or more than 2.1 times in 5 years. Total for 2018 there are 139 properties registered at this resort, including 36 for hotels and guest houses. Another hotel-wellness center, Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai, is scheduled to open this year, says Jurgita Šilakytė, Head of the Newsec Mediation Team.

As the supply of hotels and their occupancy increases, Newsec offers investors the opportunity to develop facilities suitable for tourism or wellness in demanding locations. The prestigious Druskininkai location – Dineikos pedestrian alley, Dineikos str. 4, selling 3075 sqft. m wellness complex building. The former city pool sold for $ 1.3 million euros. On one side there is Druskininkai Municipal Public Library in front of it, SPA Vilnius Druskininkai and K. Dineika Health Park in the neighborhood. The building is just minutes away from Druskonis Lake, which is surrounded by resort life.
Investors are also offered to buy a hotel on the resort’s main pedestrian alley. It has a total area of ​​800 square meters. It has 22 guest rooms. In 2016 the renovated hotel has its regular visitor flow and also receives new guests every year. Druskininkai health complexes, water park, eateries and restaurants are just 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel. Balconies overlook the Druskininkai City Museum, Church and Druskonis Lake with a fountain.
“Hotels located in resorts like Druskininkai are not only visited during the warm season, but also all year round – they are looking for spas, swimming pools, conference halls, recreation complexes, which offer various services not only to individuals but also to companies and organizations. From sports centers to hotels with holistic spas, this type of travel is increasingly attracted to people looking to regain strength and provide a better quality of life, ”observes J.Shigytė.
Rural tourism is more common
The development of local tourism should also attract the attention of investors – according to the data of the Lithuanian Statistics Department, last year, rural tourism homesteads rested 10.9 per cent more tourists, compared to 2017. The most popular district, chosen by the holidaymakers was Vilnius, and it’s where one third of all tourists, staying in rural tourism homesteads, stayed.
Other popular rural tourism destinations are Alytus and Utena counties. After popularity they are ranked right after Vilnius – one in 6 holidaymakers chose these rural tourism homesteads. According to Newsec’s Mediation Team Leader, this choice of vacationers is driven by the lake and the wooded landscape, and during the cold season, holidaymakers discover active leisure activities such as dog sleds, ice fishing, ATVs and more. The homesteads in these areas are also attractive for seminars, parties and other events.
In Varėna district of Alytus county, investors are offered the opportunity to engage in recreational activities in a 873 sq.m. rural tourism farmstead surrounded by Dzūkija nature.  The homestead “Oktava” consists of 8 separate houses, main and outbuildings. The complex can accommodate up to 70 people at a time. It is surrounded by woods on all sides, with pine trees overlooking the main building’s terrace and lodge. The site has plenty of places to visit, such as Gay Telmological Reserve, Daugai Recreation Center, Spengla Hydrographic Reserve.
Development in Molėtai district

In the next Molėtai district, which is just an hour’s drive from the capital, investors are waiting for almost 70 thousand Euros, excluding VTA, for the resort, which is for sale, on the shore of Lake Beavers, near Labanoras Regional Park. The 340 sq m resort consists of two 0.5304 hectares of land with a sauna. The attractive location of the property is suitable for both recreational tourism development and for individual residential housing in a quiet location.
Another object for sale is a functioning recreation complex near Labanoras Forest overlooking the Beavers Lake. It consists of a hotel with private vacation homes and has a total area of ​​over 2,000. square m. The objects are located on 2.6 hectares of land owned by the owners. 2005 The complex consists of a main building with a restaurant and 12 apartments, 8 cabins, a spa complex, conference hall and auxiliary facilities, tennis court, stage, children’s playground and other engineering structures. It can accommodate up to 60 guests at a time. 2006 this recreation complex has won the Hotel of the Year award.
“The hotel should be of interest to investors who have been planning and thinking about a similar business. By acquiring an existing hotel, the buyer will bypass the planning, design and construction procedures, and avoid the search for service personnel, due to the name already being known in the market, long-term work and constant customer flows. There is also an opportunity to expand the range of services or adapt the existing center to other needs, for example, sanatorium, rehabilitation services, ”lists J. Šaigytė.
Investment in health services is considered to have the greatest potential in the tourism sector at present. Health tourism is ranked one of the most important in year 2019 by travel trends. Global Wellness Institute estimates that health tourism will grow at twice the rate of total tourism, rising from $ 639 billion USD in 2017 up to $ 919 billion in 2022.

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