March 21, 2012

UK based company Callcredit Information Group is further expanding outside the country. In addition to its operations based in the UK and Japan Callcredit has taken the decision to open an operation in Lithuania which will be based at Žalgiris Arena Kaunas. With the assistance of Newsec real estate advisors, the Company signed an office lease for the premises of 2,000 m² at the beginning of the year.


“Having decided to open an operation within Lithuanian we paid a great deal of attention to the selection of an office site. We wanted to be based in a strategically convenient location ensuring good infrastructure and attractive environment. To get the most beneficial and financially attractive result we decided to appoint a real estate professional. The selection of the right location for our office has presented a number of challenges however it was handled extremely professionally by our partners from Newsec”, commented Adrian Mitri, Chief Operating Officer.

In June this year Callcredit Information Group will ‘Go Live’ in the 2,000 m²–area open space type office premises at Žalgiris Arena Kaunas. “The last few years have shown a clear trend in the office market: companies, especially the new entrants into the market, increasingly wish to operate in the so-called open-space premises. In such offices, people working in a single open space are encouraged to communicate and exchange information; even management often do not have their dedicated workplaces or rooms. Such type of offices are preferred by innovative companies seeking to attract future talent,” says Martynas Babilas, Newsec Office Project Manager. “Speaking about Kaunas, the office market here is sufficiently full as there are very few available vacancies; therefore, it is often a challenge to find an office with a larger area and a logical configuration. When searching for the solution for Callcredit Information Group we had four good options however we suggested the Žalgiris Arena due to the unique technical infrastructure of the building, the exceptional geographically convenient location and the sufficiently large parking facilities,” adds Martynas Babilas.

“Foreign companies are increasingly choosing Lithuania to establish their offices and divisions. Our country is attractive not only for its geographically convenient location, but also for offering high quality and value for money. As far as offices are concerned – the Lithuanian office market is not overstocked yet, office premises are modern and in line with all requirements of a European company, while the rent still remains Lithuanian. We are glad that Kaunas expands the boundaries of our supply and at the same time gets the benefits as a city,” comments Audrius Masiulionis, Promotion Department Director at Invest Lithuania.


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